Wednesday, July 24, 2019

How Generation Y is Fitting into Today's Workforce Research Paper

How Generation Y is Fitting into Today's Workforce - Research Paper Example Generations values and concerns for an organization will always evolve with time, and employers who understand each generations perspective and the powers that shaped it, will have an upper hand when leveraging talent. Most employers are experiencing intergenerational conflicts; Boomers think Generation X tend to be impatient, Generation X view Boomers as being inflexible, while the both generations, consider generation Y spoilt for choice. Generation Y, on the other hand, view them as conservative and out of fashion (Nicole A. Lipkin 43). Generation Y, also referred to as GenMe or Gen Y can simply be described as the generation aged around eighteen to twenty five years that are motivated and technology savvy. Their behaviors and habits constrain their way of communication, working, acting, and how they relate to people. In other terms, this generation pertains to demographic cohort born between late seventies to mid nineties. This generation is heavily reliant on modern digital tech nology and media and expects fast information and entertainment due to its cultural diversity (Nicole A. Lipkin 45). Generation Y is adapting to the current workforce in several ways. With the current, competitive markets, most jobs require highly competent personnel, and Generation Y seem to always demand leadership roles, or perhaps climb the corporate ladder within a few months of their employment. This generation believes it deserves the position it demands, with or without experience. They expect immediate gratification resulting from their childhood, and do not intend to stay in the same position longer; they demand to be at the top of the organization within a short time. Employees of generation Y prefer performing their tasks remarkably and faster compared to their co-workers (Jean M. Twenge 8). Considering that a majority of the current workforce is headed for retirement, Gen Y is entering the workforce during a demographic shift. Considering that there might be a shortage of skilled workers, after boomers retire. Gen Y have been more tolerant of others opinions enabling them adapt ideas from older generations. With globalization becoming a current world trend, most of the Gen Y prefer being self-employed, rather than work for someone else. Although few among them succeed due to high start up rates. Globalization has encouraged Gen Y employees to join Unions, where they can share their views, exchange ideas, and find solutions concerning employment issues with members of other countries, and also act of a channel for learning new ideas (Jean M. Twenge 12). The current workforce demands vast ideas to be able to compete globally, and Gen Y does not only assist in replacing boomers, they bring with them fresh and better ideas, and tend to be a motivated and enthusiastic workforce. Gen Y is also widely using the media in redefining their career opportunities, ensuring they are up-to date with the relevant, required skills, and are aware of the jobs on dem and. For this generation, a decent job is not only defined by the monetary gains. Their selection for positions is driven by their behaviors. They do not take a job aimlessly, but because they feel motivated working there, implying that Gen Y is more focused on making a difference in their company and the society. As organizations demand, Gen Y appreciates technology only; when it is significant to them. Gen Y prefer filling an employment application online, and

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