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Grossman Land of Hope Essay Writing

<h1>Grossman Land of Hope Essay Writing</h1><p>Are you one of the understudies that is battling with a huge grossman Land of Hope exposition and might want to know how you can get an evaluation lower? Grossman Land of Hope exposition is troublesome in view of the exacting guidelines of the article requires. You have to ensure you completely comprehend the paper and afterward attempt to follow its directions.</p><p></p><p>In request to assist you with your Grossman Land of Hope article, here are a few recommendations. To begin with, make sense of what is the topic of the article. Here are a couple of thoughts you can use.</p><p></p><p>There are numerous decisions in the subjects that can be utilized to expound on the significant occasions throughout your life. Be innovative. You will find that once you get your subjects made sense of you will have a simpler time.</p><p></p><p>If you don't have an y thoughts for your Grossman Land of Hope article, consider one that is identified with the theme that you need to cover. For instance, on the off chance that you are expounding on somebody you love, you can utilize the individual's preferred topic for the article. This can truly be a viable method to compose the essay.</p><p></p><p>Of course, when you have your topic and related topic made sense of, you should compose the exposition. You can do this at your own pace. In any case, on the off chance that you have just invested a great deal of energy in this sort of paper, you should know whether you are prepared to move onto the following level.</p><p></p><p>The most effortless approach to complete your article is to compose it utilizing a product program. There are a wide range of projects accessible to assist you with figuring out how to compose an article. These projects are composed by specialists who have long periods of involvemen t with this field.</p><p></p><p>When you are prepared to compose your paper, make certain to think about this alternative. You can likewise compose the article yourself. When you get your subject made sense of, begin composing the exposition and you will see your evaluations go up.</p>

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Effective Argumentative Essay Topics on Healthcare

<h1>Effective Argumentative Essay Topics on Healthcare</h1><p>Argumentative article themes on medicinal services is a quick paced, high-constrained territory that you ought not think little of. Contentions in any field are regularly intended to influence perusers to the other side or the other of an issue.</p><p></p><p>Of course, clinical specialists will endeavor to influence the peruser's conclusion on the subject of their mastery. In any case, as more individuals can comprehend the innovation utilized in medication, it might never again be essential for wellbeing experts to invest a lot of energy and cash offering it to a doubtful public.</p><p></p><p>Additionally, medicinal services issues are not in every case quickly detectable and they're generally being bantered among specialized specialists, not regular individuals like you and I. This is the place contentious exposition subjects on social insurance can have a gigantic effect. An elegantly composed contention in this field can persuade you that the medicinal services framework is imperfect, you are in the minority, and you will be in an ideal situation taking your risks than seeking after improvement.</p><p></p><p>Arguing for an adjustment in arrangement is an extraordinary method to advance your focuses. You should recall that social insurance change, while conceivable, is as yet far from acknowledgment. Despite the fact that lawmakers will probably do whatever they can to make sure about the vote of their constituents, toward the day's end the individuals eventually have the force with regards to clinical matters.</p><p></p><p>If you happen to be proficient in the field of medication, presenting a defense for changing clinical exhortation or changing the approaches of the legislature will accumulate some consideration. Ensure that you keep up a positive tone and present a sensible argumen t.</p><p></p><p>Healthcare is a passionate subject and you should have the option to rouse yourself to compose reasonably. In the event that you wind up getting genuinely engaged with your piece, stop and pause for a minute to gather yourself. A pugnacious article theme on medicinal services isn't really a triumphant position.</p><p></p><p>On the other hand, in case you're hoping to push the moderate side of the fence, don't be reluctant to make your contention cruel. Recollect that you're doing whatever it takes not to speak to the liberal of the political range, you're just attempting to persuade most of the populace that your side is right.</p><p></p><p>It's ideal to compose and change a few times to ensure that you're doing it right and you're introducing the data in a way that is engaging a wide scope of perusers. Composing social insurance exposition points is a difficult, quick paced venture, however it's all advantageous when you consider the outcome - the open's accord on healthcare.</p>

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My Reflection About Holocaust - Free Essay Example

During the Holocaust, around six million individuals, the majority being Jewish, were exterminated by the Nazis. Jews that were located across Germany, and the parts of Europe that were occupied by the Nazi regime and all gathered up and sent to death camps where they would then be forced into slave labor, and staved. Those seen as not fit for work would be gassed, shot, experimented on, and abused. The whole situation was killing and death on an enormous size, and it was a huge process, from those who ran the trains to the office workers who those who were in management, to the Police who patrolled the streets, thousands of normal every day individuals were a part of this horror story. It can be extremely difficult for us to try and comprehend how these events were possible. Many people will think that it was down to pure fear why ordinary people went along with what the Nazis wanted. But in reality, the truth is far more terrifying that what many think. Many individuals that lived in the same towns, along the same streets, and lived next door to one another quite willingly turned on the Jews, thus becoming part of the programme of mass murder. There were however a number of people in Germany and Nazi occupied Europe that did indeed help, however the vast majority became killers rather than saviors.   After the war ended in 1945 (Europe), many of the individuals said that they had no other choice but to follow the orders that they were given. However, historians and prosecutors in Germany failed to find any evidence of any individuals being put in a threatening environment or into a situation where they would be killed or be put into prison for their refusal to obey commands during the atrocities. The story of Police Battalion 101 indicates that even after they were given the option to refuse to take part, the individuals still did not hesitate to commit these atrocities. In the year of 1942, the battalion was posted to Poland in order to take part in the finding and gathering up of Jews. The majority of the battalion consisted of men that were in their middle ages, and many of them had their own families (Reich, W. (1992). It was only several weeks after their arrival in Poland that the men were sent to a village called Jzefw, it was home to around eighteen hundred Jews. Major Willhelm Trapp who was the commander of the battalion, took a stand in front of his battalion and just as he started talking, the members of the battalion had noticed that he was in tears. Trapp said to the men to gather all of the Jews in the vicinity. He stated that the Jewish men should be separated up in order for them to be sent to death camps, however women, elderly and the children should be shot, and even though he didnt favor what he had been asked to do, it was easier if they took into consideration that, back home in Germany, women and children were in an environment where they were being bombed. At the end of his speech, Trapp mentioned that those who did not want to participate didnt have too. But out of the five hundred men who were stood there listening to Trapp that day, only a measly fifteen had opted out of the participation of killing. The remaining four hundred and eighty-five men carried on to kill all of the Jewish females the children and elderly members that lived in Jozefow, and over the time of the war, the killing at the hands of the battalion continued, thus murdering thousands of Jews in the process (Browning, 2014). After the war, many Nazis of high rank were arrested at the Nuremberg trials, many individuals were never investigated at all. Due to the volume of individuals that were involved in the atrocities, it made it virtually impossible to find all of those responsible. At the beginning of the Cold War in 1947, the Allies spent less time seeking out more of the individuals involved and responsible for the holocaust. West German and Austrian authorities had also stated that they did not wish to investigate major numbers of their citizens. There were also a few individuals responsible that had fled to South America, which is where right-wing dictatorships more often than not were allowed refuge. The rest of them traveled to the United States, Canada and Great Britain. Pretending to be individuals that were once living and fled from communist regimes, they were hardly questioned about who they were and where they came from if ever (The Independent, 2018). The holocaust was the most modern geno cide that the world has ever seen. It was carried out using with the sole aim to be the killing of all Jews at any location in the world. There are eight different stages that can be built up to class how not only the Holocaust was such a warped mind theory that Nazis had, but how their overall vision on the world was also warped. The first type of genocide that the Nazis used was classification. Hitler was a massive believer in the Aryan race being the best and most superior to all others. Individuals with blonde hair and blue eyes were seen as better than everyone else and anyone who did not meet Hitlers requirements was to be deemed as subhuman. The only category of people that were classed as anything much lower by Hitler were the Jews (Encyclopedia.ushmm.org, n.d.). The next part of the Nazis genocidal plan was symbols, all soldiers under Nazi power wore swastikas which was the Nazi Partys emblem. Whilst in the concentration camps criminals were labeled with green inverted triangles, those who were political prisoners and Roma gypsies, vagrants and other groups were labeled with a red asocials. Homosexuals were issued with pink triangles and Jehovahs witnesses with purple ones. Those who were prisoners from outside of Germany were identified by the first letter of their country that they resided in being sewn onto their uniform. Another symbol used would be two triangles which formed the Jewish star, these would usually be colored yellow unless the specific prisoner was also included in one of the other categories. As an example a Jewish political prisoner would be issued with a yellow triangle but also a red triangle on top of the yellow one. The Jewish prisoners were also required to wear the star of David outside of the concentration camps to o (Fenyvesi, 2006). The next section is one of the worst and focuses on dehumanization. The Nazis dehumanization of the Jews through atrocities like the Nuremberg Laws for instance were terrible. The laws were exempt from German Jews from Reich citizenship and they were prohibited from either marrying or having sexual relationships with individuals with German blood or relations. The Nuremberg Laws however did apply to those who had three to four Jewish grandparents regardless of their religious beliefs, many German citizens who had not practiced Judaism for years were suddenly thrown into the nightmare the Nazis were carrying out. Even those who had Jewish grandparents but had turned to Christianity were still thought as and treated as Jews by the Nazis. Jewish shops were closed down; Jewish children were not allowed to attend schools. Jews were not allowed to work, excluded entirely from military service and it was so bad that a Jew, if seen sitting next to a non-Jew could result in the death penalty (My Jewish Learning, n.d.). The next example of the Nazis Genocide is. Polarization, the Nazis were big on propaganda, and they wanted to spread the word about how the Jewish people were plague carrying rats. Anti-sematic slurs appeared in Nazi news articles, on posters, films, on the radio and even in the classroom. Before long It became normal to see in Nazi Germany. Arguably it one of the most distasteful actions that the Nazis did, is often referred to as The Night of the Broken Glass. In just a few days 7,000 Jewish places of work were destroyed and looted, many Jews were shot, and Jewish places of rest, hospitals, the schools, and their homes were destroyed and their valuables stolen, while the police and fire service just watched the events unfold in front of their eyes (Historyplace.com, n.d.). Moving on, the next section of Nazis genocidal thoughts was preparation. During this stage the prisoners were separated and they were made to put symbols of identification on. Following this they then were split up into separate ghettoes, and from there moved into concentration camps, or confined to a region that was in pure dire states and thus they starved and then they eventually died of malnutrition. The Jews were initially put into Ghettos. Several other groups of prisoners were not allowed to be with Germans and sent off to death camps. Ghettos were often deeply crowded and there wasnt much room to live in them; the bathroom facilities failed to work. Diseases were all around and people were always starving due to very little food being given to them. The prisoners were made to starve and they were only allowed to purchase an extremely bland and very limited portion of food, thus resulting in a severely poor calorific diet. Some of the prisoners however did have a small amount of money or had a few valuables they owned, they could trade their money or valuables for food that was snuck into the ghetto; the others were forced to either beg, steal or starve. In the winter months there was not enough heating being provided and people were exposed to the cold thus resulting in much more illnesses and deaths. Thousands died in Ghettos from illnesses, from starvation, or the cold environment in the winter. Many of the prisoners killed themselves to escape the pain of life that they were going through (Gasior, 2018). Extermination was a huge part of the Nazis Genocide. The Nazis first started to use poison gas in 1939 when they killed a huge number of mental patients. A Nazi euphemism, euthanasia was referring to the killing of the German soldiers who the Nazis deemed unworthy of life because of mental illness or physical disability. Gas chambers showed to be less costly than shooting people and in 1941 the SS decided that doing the same to the Jews would be a much more efficient way too. The killing in the gas chambers was first introduced to death camps in the year of 1942. The prisoners would be thrown small carts to be whisked off to many different death camps, upon arrival they would be informed to take showers to be disinfected due to widespread disease at the camps. The guards at the death camps would try there best to cram people into the chambers, they would try and get as many they possibly could into the gas chambers as the less space inside the chambers the faster the individuals insi de died from poor circulation or crushing. Out of the eleven million people killed in the concentration camps, six million of them were Jewish (Encyclopedia.ushmm.org, n.d.). And the last stage of the Nazis Genocide. Denial. Even though the Holocaust is one of the events in history that has been documented in extensive amounts, but even to the present day individuals will continue to deny that the events of the Holocaust ever took place; a few individuals state that the facts about the Holocaust are not clear and that many of the stories are made up by Jews to make people feel sorry for them; people who have this mindset also believe that the diary written by Anne Frank is make believe and fiction; and that people died in the death camps because they were starved or because of illness, and not by genocide. The events of the Holocaust are something that we should always look back on and never forget, if we just shrug it off and pretend like it never happened, very similar events and mistakes may happen again and again further down the line, whether the events are people being murdered for no reason or just standing by while the horror unfolds around humani tys eyes, as it did during the events of the Holocaust (Mackenzie, 2018) The result of the Holocaust has affected the lives of millions of people in many different ways that can still be seen to the present day. After the Holocaust had ended, many Jews left Europe and fled to the United States of America. The Jewish community has been ill treated for hundreds of years, and the Holocaust brought this to light globally for people in society, finally making them see and understand how severe discrimination was. Hitler stated that the Jewish people were the problem and that they should be erased. The result of masses of people falling for and following Hitlers insane ideology and ideas was that for an horrendous couple of years during World War Two that resulted in the mass murder of many innocent members of the Jewish community which will haunt them forever, and due to the result of the events that took place at the many different concentration camps set up around Europe by the Nazis, the Jews will never be the same again as a result. It is stated that aroun d two out of every three Jews that resided in European countrys during World War Two were killed due to the result of the Holocaust taking place. If the events of the Holocaust had not happened the population of Jews in Europe today would have been much larger. To the current day the Holocaust indicates to us and is a clear reference as to how dangerous and cruel we as humans can be to one another, and what we are capable of given the proper motivation. We are impacting history every single day of our lives, whether its positive or negative things that we do. The events and the results of the Holocaust need to be spoken about forever so that nobody can ever forget the many atrocities that happened during that period of time, and to hopefully prevent such events from reoccurring ever again in the future and I feel that We as human beings need to have an understanding of genocide, we need to know and understand how these type of events come to fruition. Governments need to be alarmed early to predict when genocides will occur. We need to be one stop ahead so that we know when something like the events of the Holocaust are ever brought up again we can instantly shut it down. Working together and treating all individuals humanely is the best way to prevent genocide from ever happening in the future. Another point is that humanity should be more observant and pay more attention to detail during election processes. Looking at Hitler for instance, he was imprisoned during the twenties, but during this time period he read and studied books about how law works and he ended up getting elected in Germany. The result of his election success was the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler went from being a convict in the nineteen twenties to being in charge of a country by the nineteen thirties. We need to be more observant and realistic with everything that is going on around us and who we pick to run our countries and governments, as giving ultimate power of a nation to a man who was so twisted in the mind, will often end badly in the long run. Racism is something that to the present day in my opinion should be nonexistent, however to this very day we still have racism in society and I think if everyone stopped being so judgmental and racist to one another this problem would not have happened in the first place. As human beings we need to start improving our sharing of resources. Doing so will prevent further wars. If everybody was on the same side with this, then I personally believe that we would not have to worry about genocides or racism happening again. It just seems near impossible for people to agree with each other in society and also on a globa l scale. These are what I believe would prevent the events of the Holocaust from ever reoccurring.

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College Narrative Essay Outlines

College Narrative Essay OutlinesWhen I first started writing a college narrative essay, I wondered how to start my outlines. The guide that I used was an old one, from the 1970s, but it still worked. The basic idea is to focus on the key facts about a person or group of people that I was writing about and to make a list of information that I wanted to get across to the reader.I did not realize how important the key facts were until I wrote the outline. It took a long time to write the essay because of all the little details that I had forgotten to cover in the outline. In my opinion, the main topic should be one paragraph of two paragraphs. It is best to start at the beginning, especially if you are writing an essay that has many events.Your first paragraph will probably start with your own names and your qualifications. Use a personal anecdote in this paragraph and describe a time when you went away for a few days. Then describe what happened when you returned. It is always better t o use a personal anecdote in your first paragraph than something that is simply true.Most writers like to begin their essay with a thesis statement in the second paragraph. I have included this in my essay outlines for years. The point of the statement is to give the reader a sense of what is being discussed. This is sometimes known as 'a hook' and you need to place it in the second paragraph.I believe that a very important element in the essay is the first paragraph. This is your opportunity to capture the reader's attention and to persuade them to want to read the rest of the essay. You can do this in several ways, such as quoting directly from the person or group or explaining what they are doing or discussing.Usually when writing an essay, you will give an example of your personal qualities in this paragraph. This might be about yourself or about some aspect of the people or group. You can also relate this example to the topic of the essay. For example, I might say, 'Here is how I used to feel when I sat in that first class and studied with those three brilliant students.'Once you have finished your first paragraph, you are ready to continue. Follow this with the second paragraph and then continue your text by writing the third paragraph and finally the fourth paragraph.As you can see, the basic idea is that you first outline the event and then you create a detailed outline of the topic of the essay. It is all up to you.

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Essay Topics for Your First Essay on Japanese Culture

Paper Topics for Your First Essay on Japanese CultureSo you have chosen to compose an article on Japanese culture, and you are thinking about how to start? Is it enough to just expound on how the Japanese individuals or culture has influenced your life? Or then again is there something more to this than that? In the event that this is your first article on Japanese culture, here are probably the most normally gotten some information about expounding on Japanese culture? Would it be advisable for you to just discuss Japanese food, or would it be advisable for you to likewise discuss Japanese history? There are numerous Japanese culture articles that don't discuss Japanese history, yet this can likewise work furthering your potential benefit. You can discuss things that you have never contemplated. You can discuss the various celebrations and occasions that happen each year in Japan.Should you incorporate your own encounters with Japanese culture? Do you believe that all Japanese cultu re is extraordinary? All things considered, when you talk about Japan you are discussing society, not nationality, so it might appear to be somewhat odd to incorporate what you by and by think about the Japanese culture, however it very well may be fascinating to discuss how you feel about your own nation, just as how others feel about their own country.What are a portion of different things that you can discuss in Japanese culture? You could discuss the distinctive ethnic gatherings in Japan. When you talk about Japanese culture you are discussing what the Japanese accept, so it may be useful to incorporate some conversation about things that are special to the Japanese culture, for example, the way that Japanese culture varies from the Japanese language, the way that the Japan Imperial family dresses, or even about a portion of the things that make the Japanese think about Japan in general.How should the subject be composed? The best spot to begin would be with a short synopsis of the historical backdrop of Japan. Ordinarily it is the start of the sentence, however it ought to likewise remember a portion of the significant occasions for the Japanese culture that you have remembered for your exposition. For instance, for your article on Hokkaido you ought to incorporate a reference to the well known image of the Japanese samurai. Toward the finish of your article you ought to give a synopsis of your contention, or if nothing else a rundown of the focuses that you have discussed.What are a portion of the all the more intriguing points for your exposition? One of the most intriguing subjects to talk about is the impact of Buddhism on the Japanese. There are bunches of Buddhist sculptures and works of art all over Japan, and these are utilized to show the various parts of Buddhism. By examining the different ways that Buddhism has affected Japanese culture, you can discuss the impacts that Buddhism has had in transit that individuals live their lives, and it can likewise give a decent prologue to the idea of karma in Japanese culture. There are numerous books and different materials that can be utilized to acquaint the subject of Buddhism with your readers.So there are a lot of various themes to examine when composing a paper on Japanese culture. Whenever you are looking into subjects for a paper, set aside some effort to expound on the various themes you are considering.

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Determinants of Hedging FX risk Survey of EU - Free Essay Example

Hedging as defined by Judge (2006) is all tools and techniques used to Minimise Risk, these tools and techniques include use of Derivatives like Swaps, Forwards Contracts, Asset Liability Match and etc. Further Hedging can be considered to be similar to Medicine i.e. shall be used with the purpose to minimise risk however it was found that there can be different possible use of Hedging Currency risk as found in Graham and Rogers (2002) that one of the different use of Hedging can be to escape Tax, the working behind that was explained that Hedging Risk via raising debt will reduce the Tax and will improve the Debt capacity along with the Firm Value. Also to note that Smith (1995) found that some part of Corporate Hedging include Hedging with a motive to earn profit and not to minimise risk. 1.2 Background : Recent currency Appreciations and then the Depreciation resultant of The Greece scare of the government being insolvent did cause a lot of instability to the currency market as far as the Euro is concerned. The automobile industry in the world has most EU country producers, Germany being one of the biggest producers as it had producers like Daimler, Mercedes, BMW and Porsche and Italy has Ferrari, Jaguar from England and many more. This companies sell all over the world, hence this exposes them to a foreign currency risk which in turn might want the companies to minimise these risks as well. (Yahoo! Finance Graph) Taking into consideration the US Dollar which is the worlds most traded currency against Euro. The above graph suggest that the Euro was stronger against the USD as the result of huge amount of cars being imported in USA, further the current contagion effect of the Greece government the Euro has fallen and has affect some of these companies. As reported by Reed, J. (2007) that the weakening of USD has hurt the giant car manufacturer which meant that Appreciation as seen in the graph initially did hurt the BMW and so will to many more similar companies. This means that a appreciating currency company when sales its product in a country where the currency is depreciating the company will suffer lose of lower profits. Hence comparison found in the report to a similar producer i.e. Daimler that reported return on sales was 9.5 % compare to BMW 5.4 % CONTINUE. Now there are a number of ways a firm can save the losses caused by currency movements, some of them are use of Forwards, Swaps an d etc Derivatives another option is that to create a natural hedge i.e. to create an Asset Liability match as explained by Judge (2006). Some firms which have huge demand and can afford a production unit like BMW can make a production unit in Free trade Zone with in the allowed parts of Mexico near USA and then reduce the cost and hence eliminate risk. Further as suggested by Judge (2006) that while findings determinants of Hedging the past literature explains quite a bit however the answer still remains a Mystery , similarly it was found in Rogers and Graham (2002) they said in reference to the research that Hedging depends on the industry and market drivers however for Auto mobile car industry there has been no ideal method to deal with foreign exchange exposure. 1.3 Research Question : To see if there is any significant effect of currency appreciation or depreciation on the Auto Mobile car Industry in EU. In the case of Significant effect how does the company Hedge i.e. does the company outsource its production in-order to reduce or eliminate the effect of currency meaning a natural hedge or a company uses derivatives. The most important objective is to see that if there is any ideal solution that is being used in within the industry. 1.4 Hypothesis : All the hypothesis will be tested step by step, this means that H1 will be tested first and then H2 and so on. The alternative hypothesis is simply the other possible thing for instance for H1 the alternative Hypothesis i.e. HA will be Currency change has no effect on the companies in the Auto Mobile Car Industry. H1 : Currency changes has an effect on the companies in Auto Mobile Car Industry H2 : The companies do Hedge H3 : The companies do a nature Hedge i.e. an Asset Liability match H4 : The companies Hedges with the help of Derivatives 1.5 Research Aims and Objectives : Aims : One of the main aim of the research is to learn what is the general idea if any within the Automobile car Industry, however if in case of a common practice what shall be the rationale of the common practice is an important question. Further if there are no similar practices the rationale of different practices is at core importance of the study. Objectives : The first and the most important task is to review the list of similar researches done in the past, then comes the plan of an ideal analysis technique to be used taking into consideration the data availability / requirement. After the technique has been decided the required data will be collected and analysed, here there can be problems like Unbalanced Data problem as found in Judge (2002a). The problem with unbalanced data is that data for some type is missing hence shall be removed or be balanced in order to finish the analysis. And to end with after overcoming the problem of unbalanced data the analysed data will be interrelated and interpret in the authors own view and ideas. 1.6 Literature Review : Starting from Bua et al. (2009) explained currency hedging in relation to cost concept, the main aim of the research was to explain the cost concept that is conflicting with the returns on hedging however the main aim or rationale of hedging is to minimise risk but the research revolves around two other reasons of hedging i.e. Value creation and other reasons like being risk averse, or using hedging as the last resort of reducing the risk. Further the paper then goes on to explain the evidence on Hedging from Auto mobile car Industry in US and Europe. It was found out of 273 companies examined that had foreign exchange exposure, those were specifically Auto mobile car companies i.e. car makers or the engine makers or luxury interior designing firms for luxury cars, the data used was to know if the companies did hedge and if they did what was the method. The way of analysis i.e. the methodology used was a multiple factor regression the factors included Capital structure, nominal value s of the derivatives, sales (foreign and domestic), and etc. The findings of the result were further supported with a significance test to confirm if the results were meaningful. Finally the conclusion of the report was into two parts the first part of the conclusion was found that cost of hedging has a significant effect on value creation i.e. as per the theory as the cost of hedging increases the profits from the same will reduce however this will give rise to value creation if the hedge is a nature hedge i.e. an assets liability match. Hence it was concluded that an asset liability match is a better way to hedge if the company has a significant amount of sales in foreign and does report to historical price standard for the annual reports, further the other half i.e. the important half explained that for Auto mobile car Industry it was found that companies with significant car sales for instance Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes and etc were found to be using swaps for smaller hedges and for bigger hedges the most profitable i.e. the most viable option was an Asset liability match followed by forward contracts to report in the home currency. An interesting bit noted in the research was that there was no clear explanation of a rule of thumb to hedge for Auto mobile car companies and was concluded that the research still leaves A lot of work to be done yet. Further in a similar research by Judge (2006) was about what determines the hedging of foreign currency hedging by non financial firms in within the UK. The author argues that there is a relationship between Financial distress costs like interest on shares and debentures over the hedging decision i.e. totally related to Asset Liability match. It was also found that the findings were also significant with the US data that was analysed and concluded in different studies but the author argues that this might be a biased result as the data collection explained internet only and derivatives hedgers and nothing else i.e. a n arrow or result tied to a specific hedgers. Further the author explained that determining the factors leading to Hedging can include factors like Hedging for Tax Incentives, Cost of Financial Distress as found in Bua et al. (2009) alongside Graham and Rogers (2002). Further the determinants or the factors determining Hedging included Under investment costs i.e. in case of a companys globally recognised will have a better effect on a investor then a domestic company, another and one of the most logical and important factor to be considered was the amount of foreign exposure i.e. the amount of sales or the amount of cash flow generated from foreign country. Talking about the sample that was of 500 and 441 were non financial companies as on December 1995 but only 412 firms were selected to analysed i.e. for the analysis. The author used Multivariate Regression Analysis to test the data as it can include a number of variables that can be considered. Further the conclusion found was tha t there is a strong significant relationship between foreign currency hedging and financial distress costs like debenture interests and etc. Further another factors to be considered is a foreign debt, as found in Judge (2002) that about most of studies that were taken into consideration particularly in relation to the use of foreign debt found that use of foreign debt is now getting on to be a very good option for counties that have cash flow from the same foreign country, the hedge works in a way that the cash flow is settled against the distress cost arise in the country by raising the debt. This will create a hedge with number of advances i.e. increase the firm value as explained in Judge (2002) and Bua et al. (2009) reduce the distress cost hence by offsetting it against the cash flow and the most important one will be there will be no foreign exchange risk to the cash flow as it will then be settled in within. Further banks considered to be an institution that does hedging for different companies i.e. that is what banks are meant to be for, a research by Sinkey and Carter (1994) tried to explain the use of derivatives and hedging activities by Banks in within the United States the rationale was explained that banks do both deal and use it for hedging as well. The preposition of dealing with derivatives and using the same for hedging are not always the same with every bank some banks can do it and some cannot hence it was found that out of 11000 banks only 600 did both together. For banks out of the sample of 600 , the analysis were done using multiple regression similar to the above researches i.e. Judge (2002) , Bua et al. (2009) and Graham and Rogers (2002) as well. The conclusion of the research however was that there is a correlation between banks having weaker capital structure and hedging, low margin of profits and deteriorating asset management further it was found that with banks the determinants for hedging were not only for risk management howev er profit motive was considered to be an extra measure of hedging. To so sum up almost every research reviewed it was found that hedging is meant for risk management however it shall be noted that not many hedge funds manage to earn profit or super normal profit and the reason to that can be that they are not meant for profit. The ideal hedging mainly found are an asset liability match and raising foreign debt is considered to be a good example of hedging for companies with health amount of foreign operations. The determinants found were significant amount of sales in foreign country or currency, a widely operating company i.e. operations in different country, and etc. 1.7 Rationale of Research : Personal Reason : I am very much interested in Foreign currency Exchange literature, recent fluctuations in the currency market has made me keen about many factors that affect the movement of currency and one of them is import and export. Being a student I can explore a area of FX markets and determine the factors of hedging. Further the Automobile industry in EU is the biggest and best in the world which made me passionate about the research. Academic Reason : Being a student I am very keen to learn about FX market and to explore new areas of Hedging as well and for that this research will be perfect for me. 1.8 Reflection : The reflection of the research is that all the empirical research will be carried out with a greater care that is does not provide biased results. The ethical implication however that is there is no use of primary data hence it can be assumed that there is no problem. Further all the data that can be analysed are from different data source i.e. companies own annual report. 1.9 Scope : The scope of the study is for Hedging the Foreign risk that is limited to Auto mobile car industry in The European union. Further taking other factors into consideration it was found that if in case of a narrow model being formed it can be criticised in number of ways i.e. selection of model and selection of the different processes. 1.10 Action Plan : The main rationale of the research is to clear he fume that has been around the research literature reviewed and it was found that all the research has concluded that the research stays a bit handicap hence to conclude on the part of what can be a better way of hedging for auto mobile car industry in Europe. There are a number of things to be considered is the data availability i.e. in some cases companies report throughout a number of years and some times the reporting standard keeps on changing hence it is to be considered that an unbalanced data will be taken into consideration but care will be taken that it does not create any biases. Date Target 18th February, 2011 Introduction 25th February, 2011 Literature review 15th March, 2011 Data collection 23th March, 2011 Data Analysis 28th March, 2011 Data interpretation 15th March, 2011 Conclusion The tasks will be kept on till the research is finished, the first task will be to review the literature i.e. similar in terms of topic or similar in terms of Method this shall be done by 25th February, 2011., the second step will be data collection which shall be finished by the 15th of March, 2011., then taking into consideration full data support the analysis will be carried out and the interpretation will be done by 28th of March, 2011., and to end with the conclusion and finishing up activities will be done by 15th of April, 2011. 1.11 Ethical consideration : All the work presented will be original hence the code of ethics will be taken into strict consideration, all the work that has been used from other articles or resources have been marked and referenced properly. 1.12 Methodology : Taking into consideration number of surveys i.e. Literature review into consideration it was found that under most cases it was found that Multiple regression was considered to be the finest method to conclude, the justification found was that authors thought that a multiple regression model can include a different variety of factors also it is possible to include a dummy which is quiet possible in the current analysis to differentiate the different types of companies i.e. to narrow down the selection. Further all the regression analysis will be backed by a significance test as found in Judge (2002) and Graham and Rogers (2002). 1.13 Research Design : The data to be used in the analysis is purely secondary data. The data will be collected from the official site of a company or the annual reports, with annual reports it is clear that the report is published under high audit programmes. Under collection of the secondary data the only possible problem is that the data turns out to be an unbalanced data and balancing data may create biasedness however care will be taken so that the data is not wasted. 1.14 Analysis and Discussion : The collection of data will start with collection of annual reports i.e. Secondary audited data will be used, the data will then be extracted out of the annual reports like if the companies hedge, type of capital structure, derivatives used by them and etc. The analysis of this data will be done after refining the data i.e. converting the data t a value that will be similar for all the companies hence to do the analysis is easy. However care will be taken that in this process the data do not turn biased or are not manipulated in order to get a desired result. The analysis will be done using a statistical software called Stata 11 .0 v. The software will give out a result that can be used and understood by researchers under most cases hence the data so analysis via Stata 11 .0 v will be presented in a simple table format and interpreted in a manner that it is easy even for the layman to understand the interpretation and the analysis. Finally the methodology so used is a multi regression analysis; the regression will include those variables that have been significant in the past research hence to get a better result. There can be two critical part in the analysis the first part can be explained as a technical part as it is a Panel data analysis there are a number of statistical problem with the data that cannot be ignored however if this problems are then taken into account the problem with them is the analysis will be too long to conclude also then the analysis will be more technical then it will be less related to the main topic of Hedging in the automobile industry. The second part is related to the topic as it is a topic related to Hedging the topic has been narrowed to Auto mobile with the rationale that the research produces a fair and industry specific analysis. However this narrow bit can be considered to be critical, as the analysis will be down to only on industry or sector. 1.15 Implementation of Research project : The research method involves some procedures to be followed as seen in the past research however care will be taken that the research follows as missing a part of the procedure can be a critical problem. With hypothesis testing and research question the above method will be followed i.e. taken from researches taken into literature review however to specify the applicability or the validity and reliability will be tested by a statistical method called Test Statistics which will be found by a formula and will be compared to table value of the frequency that follows a T distribution. 1.16 Research Evaluation : The success of the research on the basis of the data gathered and rest on the availability, the thing with the data is that because all the companies have different reporting techniques it is hard to find the required data, also to note some companies will be French, Italian, German and etc, this companies will mostly report in their national language hence sometimes this companies make the English version of the annual report available however if the annual report is unavailable in English the company then has to be ignored in the research and if the problem is similar with more number of companies the analysis may suffer as the sample then get reduced and might produced a biased or narrow result assuming that the companies ignored will not make much difference. Reliability of the research is depend on the supervisors signature i.e. the research will be supervised by a expert in the field hence this will enable the research to be signed by an authenticated person who knows more about the field then the researcher. However the supervisor will have to keep an eye that the research is not manipulated. The advantage of the research will be to 3 types of people, firstly the advantage will be to these companies examined as the result will then suggest them and evaluate the their own strategies. The second advantage will be to the government, this will suggest to the government that how auto mobile companies hedge, because hedging itself contains risk the government has to keep an eye as a watch dog that the companies are not misusing the method of hedging hence the government after looking at the research can know if the market is safe i.e. the share holders are safe or not and this will give rise to any change that has to be done or not. Further the third advantage of the research will be to foreign exchange traders to derive the current market flow of hedging, hence if there are news about the auto mobile industry the foreign exchange traders then know how the markets shall react and hence this research and its findings will help them decide how to trade. 1.17 Conclusion : Finally it can be concluded that taking into consideration the clarity of thoughts, ideas and data collection technique the research can be completed with in the given period of time or the time frame designed, however certain barriers may obstruct the way but then depending upton the barrier the problems will be solved and taken further.

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